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In which sectors are you trained in the production of electronic boards and assemblies?

The products manufactured at our factory in Casablanca are particularly suitable for the aerospace, telecommunications, energy and industrial industries.

Do you export your products abroad ?

Yes, we export our products abroad via the other entities of the group, located in France (Selha, Einea & LCO sites). Our factories have been operating for many years with some of the world's leading companies in their industry (aeronautics, railways...).

What types of products can you repair?

REPAIRE RÉPARATION offers troubleshooting and repair services for all types of industrial electronic products. From the simplest device to the most complex, we handle everything from diagnosing the breakdown to repairing the defective equipment.

How long does it take to repair an equipment?

The diagnosis and repair time depends on the complexity of the product and the problem encountered. The diagnostic phase is therefore essential to evaluate the time required to repair the equipment. The REPAIRE RÉPARATION team is committed to repairing your equipment within 15 days (subject to the availability of the various electronic components in Morocco). During the diagnosis, a precise estimate of the duration of the repair will be given to the customer depending on the availability of components. OB Electronique can rely on the group's Supply Chain to provide a fast and reliable repair of defective equipment.

Are you able to realize a product from its conception to mass production?

The REPAIRE's offer covers all the steps and services necessary to the realization of an idea, of a project until the manufacturing. In collaboration with the group's research department, we are able to develop and industrialize your product on our factory and then ensure its mass production.

Are you developing a new product as a whole or just a part? (Electronics, mechanics, software...)

In collaboration with the group's Research Department, our team offers to develop new devices in their entirety, taking into account all the technologies that compose them (electronic architecture, hardware/software development, mechanical design, etc.), hardware/software development, mechanical realizations...).

Family-owned industrial group specialized in the development, manufacturing and repair of high quality electronic and wired boards and sub-assemblies, and associated services.